Tenaci koppling

Tenaci Motorsport Clutches bring many benefits for drivers that demand smart high quality products.
In this page you can read about our clutches designed in-house at Tenaci Motorsports

The parts of a clutch

A Tenaci clutch consist of three parts: Cover, floater and disc. These parts can be bought separately or as a kit.

Cover is the part that is bolted with the flywheel and has a diaphragm spring.

Top floater which as acts as the friction surface is placed in the cover.

Clutch disc is the part with high-friction materials that transfers the power from the clutch to the gearbox through it splines. Discs can be bought with or without a hub.

Hub is included in most of our discs and clutch kits. When buying a disc or kit you have the option to choose which gearbox to suit the splines for. Hubs can also be bought seperatly.

Middle floater is a part required for 2-disc clutches that sits between the discs. For 3-disc clutches you will need two middle floaters.

Detailed information about our clutches

Benefits of using Tenaci clutches is the beefy and modular design. Our parts have been developed and tested in partnership with Formula Drift competitors that demand parts capable of extreme use. If you happen to burn a Tenaci clutch the floaters can usually be replaced instead of the whole cover. Although burning Tenaci is unlikely due to the high quality design. Another benefit is that it’s possible to upgrade from a single disc clutch to a double or three disc clutch with modular parts which means you can keep the clutch you already bought.

Tenaci offer covers in sizes 184, 200 and 240 mm and can be suited for either 1, 2 or 3 discs.
All of our covers have modular brackets which means you only need to replace the brackets to upgrade to more discs.

Top Floaters
When buying a 184 mm top floater it is possible to choose between a pleasant or aggressive clutch. They are specified as the pressure required on the diaphragm to declutch which is 1200 kg for the pleasant and 1600 kg for the aggressive clutch. For 200/240 mm clutches only a pleasant top floater is available.

Clutch discs are available in different types. Sintered, organic or copper where sintered discs are the most commonly used in our kits. Available with 4 or 6 pucks the sintered Tenaci clutch discs can be installed with hub splines of your choice.

Videos about our clutches: