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Tenaci Motorsports can offer three different types clutch release bearings.
Fixed mechanical bearing, adjustable mechanical bearing and hydraulic adjustable bearing.
Common for all release bearings is that the distance between the bearing and the diaphragm spring has to be such that you can get full engagement and release so that the clutch will not slip.

Fixed mechanical bearing

The fixed mechanical bearings are our simplest and cheapest ones. You will need to use shims to install the bearing with correct distance.

Adjustable mechanical bearing

Our adjustable mechanical bearings can be installed fixed to the gearbox so that the distance of the actual bearing can be adjustable. This makes installing correct distance much easier.

Hydraulic adjustable bearing

Tenaci Motorsports hydraulic adjustable bearing is our most advanced release bearing. See the video below for more information


Adjustsable Hydraulic bearings explained by 2021 Formula Drift champion Aasbø

Gearbox adapters for our adjustable release bearings

How to adjust

How to install

Adjusting device for mechanical clutch

Tenaci adjusting device for release bearings (t00123658)
This smart device allows you to adjust the distance of the release bearing fork.
See the video below where Jonas shows you how to install the device.